InPlant training in chennai for mechanical students

Inplant Training for Mechanical students:

Training Content:

The detailed training content is listed out in the below table

Embedded system
- Introduction
- Essential Components & Block Diagram.
- Application with examples.
Embedded system + Arduino = Embedduino
- Introduction of embedduino.
- Basic programs for embedduino.
- Embedduino control LEDs, RGB LEDs, 7-Segment Display, LCD, Switch, Potentiometer etc.
- Embedduino interfaces pneumatics devices as DC motor, Stepper motor, Servomotor, Relays etc.


- Linobot (Line Follower Robot).
- Obstabot (Obstacles Avoider Robot).
- BTbot (Bluetooth Robot).
- Wiredbot (Serial Data Control robot).

Why IPT in OneYes ?
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Why IPT in OneYes ?

-ONEYES has a wide-range of technical experience from the people who are working in top level MNC's. We provide training in such a way that the students are equipped to work in any top level MNCs and abroad. The training solutions of us are one of a kind and are very unique and dynamic.

-Inplant Training in OneYes will be of full practical sessions,Individual system will be given to the students for practicing.

-You can fix your own date of Training.(You can attend the training from a minimum of 3 days to 6 days.According the days you choose the timing will get varied)

-Hostel arrangements are made for the students who are coming from out of chennai.

-Since the Office is located near Koyambedu(CMBT) Bus Depo ,it is a very covenient place to access.

Materials Provided:
- Inplant Trianing Certificate (ISO 9001:2008 Recognized Certificate).
- Software CD.
- Stationary Materials.

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